• 1Selected Stories , Alice Munro (1996)
    This first-ever selection of Alice Munro's stories sums up her genius, her versatility and her inimitable humanity. Her territory is the secrets that crackle beneath the facade of everyday lives, the… 979 руб

  • 2Alphabet Juice , Blount Jr. Roy (2014)
    After forty years of making a living using words in every medium except greeting cards, Blount Jr. still can't get over his ABCs. In Alphabet Juice, he celebrates the juju, the crackle, the sonic and… 1528 руб

  • 3Lord Loss , Даррен Шэн (2006)
    От издателя: "The door feels red hot, as though a fire is burning behind it. I press an ear to the wood -- but there&# 039;s no crackle. No smoke. Just deep, heavy breathing! and a curious… 244 грн (только Украина)

  • 4Whiteout , Follett Ken (2015)
    Filled with startling twists, Whiteout is the ultimate knife-edge drama from Ken Follett - an international bestselling author who is in a class of his own. As a blizzard whips down from the north on… 687 руб

  • 5Married By Midnight , Judith Stacy
    One unforgettable kiss from Nick Hastings had ended Amanda Van Patton's girlhood and ruined her for other men. Now he'd married her, but only to win some benighted wager! Well, if he expected her to… 365.57 руб электронная книга

  • 6The Twelve Days of Christmas , Jay Alison (2015)
    On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me... In this beautiful edition of the classic holiday song, a happy couple make their way to a lavish Christmas party, discovering wonderful gifts… 1292 руб